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Humanities constitute an academic field encompassing the examination of diverse facets of human society and culture. This broad spectrum includes disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, human history, linguistics spanning ancient and modern languages, law, political science, literature, philosophy, religion, as well as the performing and visual arts, among others. These fields employ a critical, philosophical, and analytical methodology to scrutinize the multifaceted aspects of human existence and interaction.

The Arts/Humanities stream offers students the opportunity to cultivate strong oral and written communication abilities, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and analytical reasoning. With this comprehension of the Humanities stream, let’s explore some of the finest career choices available after completing the 12th grade in Humanities.

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For students who have completed their 12th grade in the Arts/Humanities stream

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Warmly welcoming guests, providing excellent service, creating memorable experiences, and ensuring comfort and satisfaction.

Hospitality is an industry that focuses on providing services to guests and customers in sectors such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, event planning, and tourism. It encompasses various roles and functions, including hotel management, food and beverage service, event coordination, travel and tourism management, and customer service. Professionals in the hospitality industry aim to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for guests and clients by offering high-quality services, accommodations, and amenities.


Mental health professionals who assess, diagnose, and treat emotional and psychological issues through therapy and counseling.

A psychologist is a professional trained in the field of psychology, which involves studying human behavior, thoughts, emotions, and mental processes. Psychologists provide mental health services, therapy, assessment, and counseling to individuals or groups to help address emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges.


Legal professionals who advise clients, represent them in court, and navigate complex laws and regulations.

A lawyer is a legal professional who provides legal advice, represents clients in legal proceedings, and advocates for their rights and interests. Lawyers are trained to understand and apply the law, whether in courtrooms, negotiations, or other legal matters, to help individuals or organizations navigate complex legal issues.

Foreign Language Expert

Professionals skilled in multiple languages, facilitating communication, cultural understanding, and translation for various purposes.

A foreign language expert is a professional who possesses a high level of proficiency in one or more languages other than their native tongue. These experts may work as translators, interpreters, language teachers, or in various roles that require a deep understanding of foreign languages and their cultural nuances. Their expertise is valuable in facilitating communication and bridging language barriers in international contexts.

Social Worker

Dedicated professionals assisting individuals and communities, addressing social issues, advocating for change, and improving well-being.

A social worker is a professional who works to improve the well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities. They provide support, counseling, and resources to people facing various challenges, such as poverty, mental health issues, substance abuse, family problems, or other social difficulties. Social workers aim to empower and assist individuals and groups in achieving positive outcomes and accessing necessary services and resources.

Mass Communication

The dissemination of information, news, and messages to a wide audience through various media channels.

Mass communication refers to the process of creating, transmitting, and sharing information and messages to a large audience through various forms of media. This field encompasses journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, and digital media. Mass communication professionals work in roles such as journalists, reporters, editors, broadcasters, public relations specialists, and content creators to convey news, entertainment, and information to the public through mediums like newspapers, television, radio, websites, and social media.

International Relations Specialist

Experts analyzing and managing global interactions, diplomacy, conflicts, and cooperation among nations, shaping international policies.

An International Relations Specialist is a professional who specializes in analyzing and managing international affairs and relationships between countries, organizations, or entities. Their role involves studying political, economic, social, and diplomatic issues on a global scale, offering insights, and contributing to the development of foreign policies and strategies.

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