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What is Career Counselling?

 Career Counselling is the process which helps you understand what you are good at; helps you set your career goals; and assists you in deciding the correct suitable career path.

Career Counselling consists of Career Exploration and Career Planning.

Career Nurturer’s experienced and professional Career Counselor will assist you in the process of career guidance and will help you find your true calling.

Who needs Career Counselling?

Students/Parents have a WRONG MYTH that only those students who are studying in class 10th need Career Counselling and Guidance to decide between science, commerce, and art streams for college. But THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Career Guidance and Counselling can be sought by anyone who wants to work on his/her career goals, select the right career stream, and look for career growth.

School Students (Class 9th & 10th)

To decide on your stream after 10th - Science, Commerce or Humanities/Arts.

✓ Information on various careers
✓ School level scholarships and competition directory
✓ Goal Setting workshops
✓ Psychometric Career Assessment Test
✓ Personalized career guidance session

Students (Class 11th & Class 12th)

To decide which course/career to opt after 12th for graduation studies.

✓ Information on various careers
✓ School level scholarships and competition directory
✓ Entrance Exam directory on college admissions
✓ Career Awareness workshops

School Students (Class 8th)

To decide subjects for class 9th in ICSE and IGCSE boards.

✓ School level scholarships and competition directory
✓ provide guidance to help you select subjects that align with your interests.
✓ improves your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Students pursuing Graduation

To decide which specialization to pursue after graduation studies.

Graduates and Freshers

To evaluate their career goals and future career growth prospects.

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Thus if you are a school student, college student, college graduate or fresher; you can always take assistance from Career Nurturer’s Career Counselling process for goal setting and selecting your RIGHT CAREER PATH.